A Tip from the Coach – Putting

By PGA Professional , Adrian Wickstein (awickstein@pgamember.org.au)

Putting is the most important aspect of the game, with the saying “drive for show, putt for dough” ringing true amongst many golfers.

People are more than happy to spend in excess of $300 on a Driver which they use at an absolute max of 18 times a round, however the putter is used by most players as much as half of their shots.

The emphasis is put on driving the ball as far and as straight as we can, however putting is the key to lower scores.

Putting doesn’t require a huge amount of strength, however a good technique will help you hole more putts.

SET UP to the ball with a square stance towards the target, the ball should be positioned in the forward part of the stance. Your weight is evenly balanced. Swing back using your shoulders and arms.  There should be no use of wrist action in the putting stroke.

Controlling the Pace

The pace is controlled by the length and speed of putter head.  The back swing and follow through should be a mirror image.