Awesome Effort Jackson!!!

There are times I am reminded of how much we can learn from kids, and I think we could all learn a lot from young Jackson Kalz, one of our up and coming juniors.

Jackson was spotted by Simon from our course maintenance team, playing on his own and seemingly playing pretty well too! But what impressed Simon most was that he diligently fixed his divot on the fairway, raked his bunker, and then proceeded to fix numerous pitch marks on the green!!!!

We couldn’t pass up the chance to thank Jackson for his efforts in caring for our course and the example he is setting for all of us, so I caught up with him on the 8th green to shake his hand, take a photo, and of course give him a Mars Bar for his great work!

Thanks again Jackson, you’re not only a good looking rooster, but a thorough gentleman…….very impressive at the age of 12!

Daryl Sellar
Course Superintendent