Grip – Aim – Setup – Posture (GASP)

Setup – Stance & Ball Position

Ball position for Driver

Ball position for Iron

Once you have your alignment straight you can get your stance and ball position as needed.  A common guide for the correct width of the stance is shoulder width, which gives you a stable base to build your swing from.

If your feet are too narrow you will have a tendency to lose balance, and if your feet are too wide you will restrict your range of motion in the backswing.

There are different options for ball positions but whilst beginning, it is best to keep it simple.

Irons should be played from the middle of the stance and woods/drivers to be played from the inside of the left heel.

Note: The ball for a driver should be teed up so half of the ball is above the crown (top) of the driver.

By PGA Professional, Adrian Wickstein (