Junior membership costs slashed

Written by Henry Peters (Inside Golf Magazine)

Glenelg Golf Club has slashed its junior membership fees by more than 50 per cent and admits the aggressive move is likely to be a catalyst for recruiting parents and grandparents as members.

As of 1st April 2015, junior subscriptions will drop from $760 to $500 and any juniors joining before the price shift will also receive the discount.

Junior membership costs (2015/2016)

Subscriptions (period 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016) $403.00
Infrastructure Levy $52.50
Golf SA Levy $32.50
PIP Insurance Levy $10.80
GolfLink Levy $2.75

The club has only 20 junior members at present, which is well below its peak of 63 juniors in 2010.

General Manager David Brand admits the decision to reduce fees comes after research found a trend in new junior recruits’ parents and grandparents subsequently signing up.

“After analysing our new member applications over the last six to seven years, we found that there was a definite trend in parents or grandparents choosing to join the club after their children or grandchildren had joined,” Brand says.

“Some have joined in social membership categories to make better use of the club’s facilities whilst their children are at the club and others have joined to either play golf with their children or to simply be involved in the club.”

Glenelg admits it needs to offer cheaper junior fees to encourage children to choose golf over other more affordable sports.

The club enjoyed a surge in junior sign-ups in 2008 after heavily reducing entrance fees for new members under the age of 25 and expects a similar result in 2015.

Close to 100 golfers aged six to 14 have joined Glenelg’s Junior Tigers Golf Program, which provides a pathway to club membership and services geared towards producing elite amateur golfers and future professionals.

“We also believe we offer one of the best junior development programs in South Australia, if not Australia, with high quality teaching staff including national coach, Gareth Jones,” Brand says.

“There is no doubt Gareth’s role at the club is a drawcard for many potential members looking to join a golf club in Adelaide.”

Glenelg recently introduced its High Performance Junior Program and is preparing to unveil its Ambassador High Performance Program (AHPP).

The AHPP targets talented young players who are no longer in the junior membership category but potential prospects for state or national amateur team selection.

Glenelg’s golfers across each junior program and the AHPP continue to have the added advantage of funding via the Glenelg Golf Club Foundation.

“The club’s Junior Development Program and the recently introduced High Performance Junior Program are both fully funded through donations by members and various fundraising activities throughout the year,” Brand states.

Since Glenelg’s Foundation was introduced in 2002, more than $150,000 has been utilised by about 150 current and former members.

“Some of our juniors could receive well in excess of $2,000 in financial assistance in any one year through the Foundation, a return of almost four-times the cost of their junior membership,” Brand says.

The Foundation offers juniors aid to cover tournament entry fees, competition travel expenses and coaching.