Junior Tigers Program Update

The third term of the JTGP has seen an increase in participation numbers for both Wednesday and Sunday clinics. As football and netball seasons are now over, we look forward to ever increasing participation numbers.

The children are engaging the Grip, Aim, Set Up, Posture (GASP) very well and are leaning “A Skill, A Rule, An Etiquette” each week, placing them in great stead for their golfing future.

Please pass on the program website www.juniortigersgolf.com.au to parents of other children that may want to participate.

The JTGP offers the choice of one of the following programs dependent on age level and skill:

Wednesday Clinics

10th October to 12th December (10 weeks)

Sunday Clinics

14th October to 16th December (10 weeks)


Under 10 years: $99.00* | Under 15 years: $149.00*

Payment to be made to the Glenelg Golf Club Pro Shop
Phone: 8350 3250 | Email: proshop@glenelggolf.com

* A 10% discount applies if payment is made before 1st Oct 2012