What height to tee the ball?

by PGA Professional, Adrian Wickstein (awickstein@pgamember.org.au)

The teeing of the golf ball can be quite an easy process if you understand the reasoning behind using a tee.

You simply want to give yourself the best opportunity to get the ball out of the middle of the club.

With the size of modern day drivers, it is important to tee the ball up high enough to get the ball out of the sweet spot.

As you can see from images there are different lengths of tees that can be used to suit specific club you are using.

The blue tee, pictured with the driver, is ideal for the modern day 460cc driver head.

The yellow tee, pictured with the 7 iron, is used with irons to still allow slight contact with the ground to compress the ball.

Tee the ball up the correct height to help your game.

Happy Golfing